Todd Ossenfort:

For more than 15 years, Todd Ossenfort has worked closely with Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies to protect the rights of consumers and help consumers eliminate or substantially reduce their consumer debt. During this time, Ossenfort has had the privilege of advising his agency Black Hills Children's Ranch D/B/A/ Pioneer Credit Counseling as well as others on the intricate details of maintaining compliance with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) guidance for Non-Profit Organizations.

Through Todd Ossenfort's leadership, Non-Profit Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies like his own have been able to help thousands of consumers, playing a critical role in the management of debt and credit in today's ever-changing marketplace.

By creating agency process efficiencies, Ossenfort has been successful in reducing staff, improving overall consumer service and Pioneering new relationships with creditors. To this end, Todd Ossenfort helps new Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies obtain regulatory approvals for their products and services, while at the same time maintaining compliance with Internal Revenue Code (IRC) for applicable tax exempt organizations.


To assist Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies develop process efficiencies to better serve consumers through innovative debt management techniques designed to reduce or eliminate consumer debt.

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